Our Story

Jim first met Jen at a hospital nursery back in July of 1982. His mother held a tiny human blob swaddled in a pink blanket and introduced her as his new baby sister. After spending the next three decades as siblings who actually enjoy hanging out together, they decided to combine their skill sets and founded the greeting card company, Yeppie Paper in 2014.

In 2004, Jen earned her Bachelor's degree from the Fine Arts Program at UCLA where she focused on painting and drawing. Since graduating, she has worked in one creative field after another, experiencing everything from working with textiles at a home accessories company to custom designing letterpress stationery, invitations and business cards. After spending five years in the world of high-end residential interior design, Jen decided the time was right to return to her first love of painting and drawing.

Jen and Jim love pitching ideas for cards and developing them together. Jen takes pride in creating unique imagery through her illustrations, and oversees all the visual aspects of Yeppie Paper. Jim handles logistics and everything business related. Together they make sure that all of their products are made with the utmost care and attention to detail.


So what the heck is "Yeppie"? Glad you asked! In the southern region of South Korea, Yeppie is a term of endearment that can best be translated into English as "cutie" or "sweetheart". It also happens to be the nickname that Jen's dad gave her when she was little and still calls her today!

We here at Yeppie Paper hope that our cards will accentuate your heartfelt sentiments and bring a smile to all the Yeppies in your lives.